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National Ice Cream Day Poster Contest


Welcome to the First Annual Aglamesis Brothers National Ice Cream Day Poster Contest! We have decided to start the tradition of collaborating with artists to create unique posters celebrating all things Aglamesis Bro’s, Cincinnati, and Ice Cream! The winning design, chosen by the Aglamesis Bro’s selection committee, will be printed into a limited-edition run of posters to be released on National Ice Cream Day, and sold in Aglamesis Brothers stores while supplies last. The winning designer will receive $300, a free copy of their poster, an Aglamesis Gift Basket, and their name on all posters printed from their design!

The entry period lasts between 12:01 AM on June 1st, 2021 and 11:59 PM on June 27th, 2021. Limit one submission per entrant. Entrants should focus on creating a design that emphasizes the themes of “Cincinnati”, “Aglamesis Brothers”, and “National Ice Cream Day” in fun, unique, and visually engaging ways.

Designs may use up to but not exceeding three (3) different colors, one of which must be a shade of pink (we recommend using one of the Aglamesis Brothers brand compliant pinks listed below). The remaining two colors may be determined by the artist, but pink, white, and black or brown are the recommended color combination for entries, and may increase the likelihood of a design being chosen as the winning piece.

Aglamesis Brother brand compliant Pink #1: Hexadecimal: #f9eaec  RGB: (249,234,236)

Aglamesis Brother brand compliant Pink #2: Hexadecimal: #f8b4bb  RGB: (248,180,187)

Submissions should be in the .jpg/.jpeg or .png file format, should be a minimum width of 1200px and a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. Submissions must not exceed a file size of 10 MB.  All submissions must be in the 3:4 aspect ratio, so as to be easily translated to the final poster format of 18” x 24”.

Submissions should be sent to sales@aglamesis.com with the subject line “Poster Contest Submission”, the full name, phone number, and address of the entrant, and a signed copy of the official Terms and Conditions.

The winning design will be screen-printed into poster-quality reproductions and sold at Aglamesis stores beginning July 18th, 2021.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions before entry.


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