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Sweet Creations Recipe - Halloween Bark


Halloween is such an amazing holiday! We get to be what we've always hoped (at least for one night), indulge in all things spooky, and enjoy the a month full of Halloween-themed fun. From your own Halloween party to your kid's classroom celebration, you need a quick, fun, and delicious treat to bring anywhere we go this Halloween season.

Enter Halloween Bark! This recipe really could not be simpler. Just melt some good dark chocolate (you can use milk chocolate for kids, but anyone with a more refined palette will appreciate something to counteract all the sweet toppings!), spread it onto a prepped baking sheet, top it with anything you want, cool and cut! This recipe is perfect for potlucks or any party, because it takes only minutes to prepare and then you can let it cool and forget about it.

Making Halloween Bark is also a great activity to do with the little ones. Once you melt the chocolate, they can have a blast adding all the things they love to the bark, making fun patterns and faces of the delicious treats!

Use Halloween Bark as a way to show off your creative flair and taste, without eating up hours of your day (those are precious haunting hours, you know!).

Aglamesis Bro's Ghostly Halloween Bark Recipe


  • 2 lbs Aglamesis Bro’s Dark Chocolate Chunks

  • 1/2 lb White chocolate or white candy melts

Topping Ideas:

  • Candy corn (available at both Aglamesis stores)
  • Gummi worms (available at both Aglamesis stores)
  • Small pretzels or pretzel sticks
  • Candy eyeballs
  • Halloween Sprinkles
  • Pecans, peanuts, or any preferred nut
  • Anything that sounds good!



  1. Choose your toppings and lay them out next to where you will be working, so that they are ready to go.
  2. Line a baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper and set aside.
  3. Melt the chocolate: In the microwave - add all chocolate chunks to a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring thoroughly with a rubber spatula each time. Continue until the chocolate is fully melted. In a double boiler - add all chocolate chunks to a double boiler or a heat-safe bowl above a pan of boiling water (make sure the bowl is not touching the water). Stir continually until all the chocolate is fully melted.
  4.  Allow the chocolate a minute or two to cool. Next, pour onto the prepared baking sheet, spreading the chocolate into an even layer with a rubber spatula. 
  5. Decorate! Place the toppings of your choice onto the chocolate and press them in gently. Try to mix your toppings evenly so that every piece of bark will get a bit of everything. For the ghosts: Melt your white chocolate or white candy melts the same way you melted your chocolate for the bark. Once melted, place spoonfuls of the white chocolate across the bark. Using a toothpick, pull from the sides and bottom of the white chocolate to form the arms and “tail” of the ghosts. Then, dip another toothpick in the dark chocolate and dot it onto the ghosts to make the face.
  6. Once all of your toppings have been added, allow the bark to cool. You can put the bark in the fridge or freezer to speed the process, but reserve at least 2 hours to ensure the bark is fully set.
  7. Once the bark has set, lift it by the parchment or wax paper out of the baking sheet and onto a large cutting board.
  8. Using a large knife, begin to cut into the bark. Any direction is fine, the irregularity is part of the fun! As you cut, the chocolate will crack and break into pieces naturally.
  9. Cut and break the bark until you have pieces that you like. Keep in a cool spot until serving time.
  10. Enjoy your spooky creation!


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