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Sweet Creations - Grown-up Floats


Now, there's nothing wrong with a classic root beer float or any other ice cream soda. There are endless combinations of ice cream and sodas, each as delicious as the last, but we thought there might be a way to kick up our float game for the roasting Summer months. Enter these Grown-up Floats!

We got a variety of local alcoholic beverages from Jungle Jim's and combined them each with a different flavor of our Italian Ice to add some fresh, fruity sweetness to the brews.

The results were fun, refreshing, and so easy to make! Try our combinations, or experiment with your own and share them with us on social media (#aglamesisfloats)!



The combinations:


Grainworks Brewing Co. - Helles Real Lager

Red Raspberry Italian Ice


Platform Beer Co. - Open Market White Ale

Lime Italian Ice


Fifty West - Hard Lemonade

Strawberry Italian Ice


Brink Brewing Co. - Father G's Bees Honey Brown Ale

Pineapple Italian Ice



Rhinegeist - Zappy Hard Cider

Champagne Italian Ice

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