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National Ice Cream Day Poster Contest - 2022


We are so thrilled to announce the start of our Second Annual National Ice Cream Day Poster Contest! The Poster Contest is our way of building the bonds between local business and local artists, emphasizing how our local community can cooperate and build each other up.

Artists and Designers (age 18+) from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky are invited to submit a poster design for "National Ice Cream Day - 2022". The winner will be chosen by the Aglamesis selection committee, this year including (but not limited to) Aglamesis family members, local artists, and the Aglamesis marketing team. The winning design will be made into limited edition 18" x 24" screen-printed posters and sold in Aglamesis stores while supplies last.

The winning artist will receive $300 in prize money as well as a gift basket of Aglamesis Bro's goodies!

Poster designs must be in the 3:4 ratio to easily translate to the final 18" x 24" format.

Designs may use up to but not exceeding three (3) different colors, one of which must be a shade of pink (we recommend using one of the Aglamesis Brothers brand compliant pinks listed below). The remaining two colors may be determined by the artist, but pink, white, and black or brown are the recommended color combination for entries, and may increase the likelihood of a design being chosen.

Aglamesis Brother brand compliant Pink #1: Hexadecimal: #f9eaec RGB: (249,234,236)
Aglamesis Brother brand compliant Pink #2: Hexadecimal: #f8b4bb RGB: (248,180,187)

Submissions should be in the .jpg/.jpeg, PDF, or .png file format, should be a minimum width of
1200px and a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. Submissions must not exceed a file size of 10 MB.

Submissions should be submitted via the Google Form provided at this URL:


PLEASE READ ALL TERMS, CONDITIONS, AND RULES HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fr24NoXMCrYwdG4hmArFWF6liQFFfbmM/view?usp=sharing

Good luck, and happy designing!


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